"Allie is a true student and teacher of the highest dedication + vibration. She lives, breathes + shares her wisdom with absolute integrity, ever seeped in generous love. To spend time in her presence is to be uplifted: held in highest light + healed in yummy goodness. Not to mention: she's a total badass to boot."

- Margaret Nichols, spiritual teacher + founder
Urban Oneness

Allie worked her magic on me in a power hot yoga class. What magic, you say? That of challenging me while supporting me. Asking the tough questions while letting me know it was okay to take my time finding the answer. Encouraging action but advising slow-going too. She is the one-two power punch of awesome that you need in a yoga teacher. Wise, wonderful and womanly - she brings out the best in everyone she meets - I seek her out whenever I can. 

I trusted her to guide my only daughter through a Thai massage session. It was gentle and firm - again Allie's duality in balance - helping my swimmer daughter find areas of stiffness and where she needed to soften. My only regret there is not having yet scheduled a follow up visit and that I lack funds to finance weekly ones!

She is loving and generous with her time, energy and knowledge to every single soul she meets - no matter, age, gender, status. 

Such a gift to the world is Allie Mason. Reach out, you will never, ever regret it.

- Mary Moscarello, Yoga Student

Hearing Allie relate the lessons she’s learned in life with such grace and humor is always a blessing for me. She’s a woman unafraid of speaking and living out her truth in the little and big ways. She completely reinvented her entire Life in a way that inspired me to be brave in reinventing my own. Her words of wisdom go past superficial waters to the realness of our existence. Plus, she also has one of the most joyous laughs I’ve ever heard. Work with this woman!
— Hanna Eko, Soul Camper

"I was fortunate enough to attend a practice with Allie. She was so easy to follow and brought her own unique flare to the practice which pushed me and made me feel like I had achieved  what i had intended for myself by Savasana."

- Caroline Linehan, Yoga Student

"I took a Deep House Yoga class with Allie, and I can't say enough about her. The atmosphere at  Verboten was magical. Colored lights, rectangular screens with  images of  nature and the buddha mixed with deep house grooves make for a trippy setting. If that's not enough, in comes Allie with enough positive energy to light up the sky. Her style is vinyasa, and expert adjustments were given, but what sets her apart from the rest is her light. Even as she forgot part of the sequence she made it into a plus, no " oops, ums, or  Sorry" just went right through the sequence explaining how we all make mistakes and how we shouldn't be hard on ourselves for it. It was as inspiring and beautiful as she is. I highly recommend her, but only if you want your soul uplifted.  Looking forward to her return to Brooklyn.

- Mark Saxon, Yoga Student

I have taken power yoga with Allie at Indigo Yoga (Caldwell, NJ). It is my experience that she's extremely competent  as a yoga instructor. In addition we have had several conversations about nutrition, exercise physiology, and spirituality all have been enlightening and added to my knowledge base. My journey in life has been enhanced by knowing Allie Mason and receiving instruction from her.

- Dave D'Andrea, Yoga Student

"I hate talking to professionals. Every time I do, I feel like it’s the millionth time they’ve heard the same story and insert Problem A into equation B and get solution C. I was however, out of options.

My wife and Allie have been friends since university – I hadn’t met her until we picked her up for a wedding we were all attending in Cape Breton, NS. She was going through some things herself at the time, but for some reason, it wasn’t getting her down. This piqued my interest and I wanted to get to know her better.

Having a total stranger sit, listen and be there for me, when she’s struggling with her own situations, helped me put some perspective on life. Finally, someone who is there for me the way I have been for countless others. Maybe it’s not so bad, maybe it’s just time for a change. We went to the beach later that day where we had several real, open and honest conversations about life, the universe and everything in it. I was inquisitive, trying to learn about someone who has a totally different lifestyle than I do. I questioned her beliefs, her motivations and wanted to get down to the root of her happiness. It was so simple. Just stop and breathe. Take in the moment and look what is around you.

Anger is only a controlling state of mind if you let it be. Stop, breathe and take some time to look at what’s going on around you.

I could have made excuses… It’s not that simple, you don’t get it! But I didn’t. I took her advice.

Stop. Breathe.

The beauty was in its simplicity.

I could hear birds, children laughing, the waves hitting the rocks at the beach - I was having a spiritual moment. All the joy and happiness I’ve been missing in my life over the last 6 months punched me in the face and knocked me flat on my ass. The time to feel sorry for myself was over and now it’s time to come back. I made a lifelong friend that day. I tell her all the time how much I appreciated the time we spent together and she may never truly understand that she was exactly what I needed that day. Maybe she can do the same for you."

- Matt DeSerres, Coaching Client