Time is an Illusion

I don't believe in time or space. There is no 'right' time. There is no 'right' place. I believe in trusting my intuition. I believe in chasing after what ignites my spirit. I believe in passionate, crazy, can't-sleep-at-night love that shakes you to your core and makes you want to question and break down every ounce of cultural conditioning and doubt you've ever had about yourself and your world. I believe the very moment when you want to harden is exactly the moment when you need to lean in and soften more than you ever have before. I believe in truth. I believe in listening. I believe in supporting. I believe in dreaming. I believe in kindness. I believe in compassion. I believe there is enough love in this world for all of us. I believe in believing. I believe in loving every part of myself, especially the parts I would rather hide. I believe I am worthy of this thing called 'bliss'. There is only here. There is only now. Breathe.