New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is a great incentive to make resolutions for the year ahead. We take the time to reflect on the things that maybe didn't go so well in the past year, and look to find ways to improve or change in the year ahead. One of my favorite teachers, Pema Chödron, points out that this wanting to change is like a subtle aggression against ourselves and who we really are. So if I were to pick one thing as my resolution for this year, it would be to experience every emotion--anger, sadness, joy, excitement--with the same level of interest and curiosity. Not to run from pain, but to welcome and embrace it. To give myself permission to be resentful, or unhappy, or ridiculous, or happy, or whatever emotion is currently streaming through my body, knowing that whether I see it as 'good' or 'bad' is irrelevant, and that whatever state I'm experiencing will soon pass. That's the beauty of being in this human form. We aren't here to numb our emotions, to avoid pain at all cost, or to detach from our human experience; we are here to love it all, to connect, despite our fear, despite our feelings of unworthiness or doubt. This is what I believe is true, unconditional love. And another beautiful thing? We can make resolutions any time we want! I made a resolution back in September that I will ask the questions that I am afraid of knowing the answers to, and to say the things that make me uncomfortable, and I think those play into this bigger picture. I always say in my classes that the asanas are about finding comfort in the discomfort. The same goes for life. Wishing each of you the fullest experience of life in the coming year