Goal Crushing

I have moments of fear, doubt and insecurity just like everyone else. I have moments where I think about my life one year, five years, ten years down the road and I become filled with anxiety and questions about how I'm going to make my dreams materialize. In these moments, I seem to forget how far I've already come. I look at my life now and how I arrived here from a tiny town of 8,000 people in rural Nova Scotia. The events that took place over the past five years I could have never predicted. Yesterday while I was walking to a client's apartment in Brooklyn, I thought to myself, "How on Earth did I get here?" It's times like these when looking back can be helpful. For me, it's a reminder that anything can happen, that I don't need to know all of the answers, the path doesn't need to be clear, I don't need to figure every little detail out right this instant. Small steps, everyday, in the direction of my dreams. Inch by inch. Everyday. I'll get there. And so will you.