Begin (A New Moon / Winter Solstice Ceremony)

The Winter Solstice. The New Moon. Two powerful forces for rebirth and renewal. The longest, darkest night of the year. A time for reflection, turning inward, for nurturing our Selves, and for sowing our seeds for the year to come. Whatever you do on this day will carry forward. The New Year starts now, and the 12 days that follow this auspicious New Moon help to set your intentions into motion. With the Winter Solstice falling on the same day, you'll receive an even bigger boost toward accomplishing your intentions in the year to come. So, close your eyes and take a deep breath--fill up your belly, your lungs, all the way up to your collarbones--feel the light of your desires flooding through your entire being, into every muscle, every fiber, coursing through every vein. Then, gently release. Continue this practice for as little or as long as you would like, and be sure to revisit your intention as often as you can over the next 12 days to enhance its power.

My Ceremony

My intention for this New Moon/New Year: Discover and embody my divine feminine energy. My ceremony: Light sandalwood incense for mental clarity and to help open the third eye, and rose incense for love, healing and courage. Light a candle; a flame is symbolic of the alchemy that takes place in our hearts and minds when we set our intentions. Light sage and allow to burn slowly. Place hands in Anjali mudra and repeat the mantra Om Sat Chit Ananda. Gently bow chin to chest. Take burning sage and begin to gently bathe body in its cleansing energy. Take a handful of the sage's smoke "wash" eyes while saying "May my eyes see my true feminine energy." Repeat with the lips and throat saying "May my voice speak my true feminine energy." Repeat with the ears saying "May my ears hear my true feminine energy." Repeat with the crown saying "May my mind know its true feminine energy." Contunue to bathe entire body, down both arms, legs, and under each palm and sole of each foot. Resume a comfortable seated position and continue meditating to Adi Shakti mantra with hands in Varun mudra, focusing on allowing the fiery energy from my solar plexus chakra to encircle and spiral around my navel center while the watery energy from my sacral chakra flows up to join in the dance. When finished, return hands to Anjali. Focus on the flame of the candle and envision old habits, emotions and blocks being burned up and incinerated by the flame. Bow and give thanks to the Divine Mother, Shakti. Om Sat Chit Ananda. Namaste.