So, it's pretty obvious that I'm into yoga, but a few weeks ago Tai Chi found me. I'd been looking for a martial art for a couple of months, but couldn't decide which one was right for me. One day, I was just in the flow, one opportunity after the next found me. I was listening to my intuition; if it told me to take a different path, I followed. I was open, receiving, being guided. I met @finnconvenience in a coffee shop where he works. He commented on my jacket, and within a few short minutes we were talking about yoga, energy, reiki, and tai chi. Then a few minutes later, his tai chi teacher showed up, and not long after that I was taking my first lesson. Now, I'm practicing in the shower, while I wait for my tea water to boil, and any other chance I can. It feels so good. Moving slowly. Deliberately. Articulately. Qi flowing through my whole body