Advice from a friend this morning: When people offer you gifts, and they will, accept them. They aren't being offered out of obligation, they are offering from a place of love and a wanting of share with you. Hone your ability to receive without feeling required to give back. The other day, a friend offered me the gift of taking me as a +1 to the final daybreaker of the year, the 1 year anniversary of one of the most beautiful community movements in NYC. At first, I declined. I came up with reasons why I didn't feel comfortable receiving this gift. But thankfully, after closing my eyes and taking a deep breath (and a little bit of coaxing), I changed my mind. What happened next? The Universe smiled and continued to shower me in gifts: a yacht, amazing beats, beautiful people, incredible expressive movement (otherwise known as DANCE), embodiment, LOVE, new friends, old new friends, hugs, kisses, waffles, astrology readings, crystal adventures, CONNECTION, laughter, tears, vulnerability, strength, COMPASSION. Give yourself permission to receive and open yourself up to the beauty of Grace and Divinity.