We seldom take the time to analyze whether something we want is a physical desire or a soul desire. I've been spending a lot of time in this place lately. Slowing down, being more mindful, patient, conscious. I'm classic #Pitta, I run hot and fast, always places to go, people to see, new things to experience. My challenge is to slow down and ask myself: am I doing these things/seeing these people/going to these places because my soul is yearning to, or am I just staying busy in my physical body to stay out of my mind? Busyness can easily become a disease of avoidance. The hardest part of my yoga practice is being still, silent, with myself, my thoughts, my ego. But once I get there, cherishing the tranquility, the warmth, the comfort, I remember why it's worth it. I'm so grateful to have people who love me to remind me of this. My body has been trying to tell me this for weeks--first coming down with a killer cold, then pulling my hamstring, and finally I couldn't ignore it anymore when I wound up with major redness and swelling all over my face last week. The body knows. Your soul knows. And if you're lucky, you have at least one person in your life who knows, who tells it like it is, and softly quiets that voice inside your head that tells you to keep pushing harder, faster--and does so with the perfect balance of toughness and compassion.