|| GO GET IT ||

Setting goals was always a challenge for me because I tend to have a hard time making up my mind. I like to leave my options open. I like knowing that the plan can (and probably will) change, so I don't get too attached to any one idea or any one outcome. Well, in September when I started working for @lululemon, they forced me to sit with my discomfort and set my 1, 5, and 10-year goals. What happened next still blows my mind... My goals starting coming to life. Opportunities started manifesting. People and experiences seemed to magically start showing up in my life. There's power in deciding, in setting goals, in tuning into your most authentic desires and asking for them. And with that being said, #questforthepress 2015 (aka my #asana New Year's resolution) is well underway! This week I began hopping into a pike press, and pressing up with the help of my lever-leg and a block. A little shaky, but I'll get there!