It's easy to fear what we don't know. Until we experience something for ourselves, we doubt, worry, and become anxious over imaginary negative outcomes. The ego always sends our thoughts to those fearful places. But when we lead from our hearts and brush off the BS we hear from our ego, we open ourselves up to feel more, do more, and become more. Our lives expand along with our hearts and we begin to trust our Selves and the Universe to provide us with the experiences, people, and things that we need. I resisted teaching 6am classes since I became a yoga instructor because I was afraid; that I would sleep through my alarm, that I wouldn't be able to think clearly enough that early in the morning, that I would disappoint the dedicated yogis who show up before anyone else. But today I taught my first 6am, and the truth of the matter is that it felt fantastic. Every negative thought I had leading up to today was wrong. I taught a delicious heart-opening flow honoring the full moon in Leo, and to help ease the pain of shoveling snow the past few days. And with an open heart, I continue to embody this love