Let this thought marinate for a little bit: "You are an ethereal being in a physical body enjoying a human experience." Spirituality doesn't mean denying yourself of your 'earthly tethers' and enlightenment doesn't require withdrawing to a solitary existence or hours upon hours of meditation. It means experiencing every feeling, every moment, every ounce of your Being as deeply as possible. It means embracing the guilt, anger, jealousy and sadness as eagerly as the excitement, happiness, joy and bliss. It means becoming your own best friend, lover, and biggest fan. It means indulging, experimenting, trying, failing, loving, crying. It means feeling weak, feeling strong, feeling it all, living it all, Being it all. Realize that you are in your body to have the opportunity to become inquisitive about your Self, your World; what moves you, what shakes you, what inspires you, what irritates you. Do it all. Feel it all. Be it all.